Talking religious differences with America’s most famous Catholic

Jon Stewart helping me make the case for religious literacy in Washington DC

One Stephen helps another find a new faith during Lent

Understanding the Gospel According to Huckabee


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  • Sojourners Interview with Ryan Stewart
    "Donald Trump is the best advertisement for my book. He's the king of lost causes," interview with Sojourners 30 years after they turned me down for a job (January 2016).

US News & World Report

  • US News & World Report Q & A
    Q & A with Jay Tolson of U.S. News & World Report on Judeo-Christianity, religion in American history textbooks, and the United States as "a nation of forgetters" (April 1, 2007).


  • "The Gospel of Prothero" (Newsweek)
    Lisa Miller of Newsweek profiles me in this March 12, 2007 piece. The picture is a little scary, but you have to love this line: "Prothero is a world-religions scholar with the soul of a late-night television comic."

Bostonia Magazine

Boston Globe

  • "Holy Book Learning"
    Chris Shea on "Religious Literacy" in his "Critical Faculties" column in the Boston Globe (March 4, 2007).
  • "Personal Jesus"
    Author profile by David Mehegan of the Boston Globe. Best line: "Prothero, 43, looks more like an athlete than the chairman of the religion department at a major university." I'll take that.

Maud Newton E-Exchange

  • Maud Newton E-Exchange
    Here's an interesting exchange with Phil Campbell on the Maud Newton blog (aka "Occasional links, politics, amusements and rants"). I think this one falls between amusements and rants (November 30, 2006).

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